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The Aboriginal Rights Coalition-Australia (ARCA) is a voluntary community organisation committed to campaigning against human rights abuses of Aboriginal and Islander peoples and advancing the self-determination aspirations of Aboriginal and Islander communities.  The ARCA recognizes that Aboriginal sovereignty has never been ceded and that Aboriginal sovereignty, for want of a better term, continues because there has been no Treaty or agreement entered into with Aboriginal people. 

The ARCA calls for a Treaty with Aboriginal people to provide just settlement for lands occupied by force, the recognition of national land rights across Australia, where Aboriginal people have full control over the management of those lands, the nature of any developments, and with full veto rights.  The ARCA calls for the establishment of formal mechanisms that recognize and support Aboriginal autonomy in decision making on issues that impact us.  

The ARCA recognizes that Aboriginal culture continues on unbroken since the beginning of time, when the Dreaming formed the lands and waterways, our ancestors and our connection with all living things.  This unique cultural heritage brings with it responsibilities as custodians, to respect our ancestors past and to protect this legacy for our children’s children and onward, for as long as our people survive.